What is Chattable?

Chattable is a FREE, fully customizable, live chat tool for your Neocities website. Chattable is different than our competitors, as this tool works on free Neocities accounts (test here) & allows you to overwrite the CSS of your live chats. This grants you the ability to customize anything, the font, colors, add background images, adjust alignments, change shapes or sizes of anything, add animations, cool effects, change your chat's notification sound and so much more! With Chattable, our goal is to help you have a seamless live chat for your site that matches your website's aesthetic effortlessly. Learn more about the developer of Chattable.

How does Chattable work?

Chattable uses Google Firebase, a secure cloud-based realtime database rather than dedicated physical servers. Each chat created has a unique link, which points to a blank slate private chatting interface. The chat link is actually parsed client-side with JavaScript Regex (no PHP). Generally, you embed the link to your chat into your website with an IFRAME. I wanted Chattable to be as flexible as possible towards the Neocities user, allowing them to chat/interact with their site users without disrupting their website's aesthetic with a prestyled 3rd party service. This is why Chattable grants you full control over the CSS stylesheet for your live chat. I created a "library" for Chattable to allow users to use CSS files already on their website to style your Chat. This method was used because of cross domain requests, we can't programatically pull your files from your site but you can send them to us programatically using this library. Each chat is updated in realtime, by default, showing the last 15 messages sent to the chat, but you can still scroll up to load older messages.

Chat Hierarchy

Each chat has an owner, whoever created it. That owner has the highest priviledges in each chat. The owner can promote/demote any user in their chat to a moderator, kick any user, delete any message, hide any message, edit their own messages, and reply to any message.
Moderators of each chat can, kick any user that isn't a mod or owner, delete any message, hide any message that wasn't sent from another mod or owner, edit their own messages, and reply to any message.
Regular users of each chat are able to reply to any message and delete or edit their own messages.

Cool Features

Markdown is fully supported within Chattable messages. Feel free to *italicize* your text, **bold** it, or use other common markdown techniques to customize your message further. You can even send links & images!

Built-in Owner, Moderator, and Member roles.

Administrative hierarchy allows you & your mods to kick, show/hide messages, delete messages, promote/demote users, and more to users below you in the administrative hierarchy.

Customizable (with CSS) there's no limit with endless creativity. Make your chat stand out and be different than the rest.

The CSS Playground allows you to play around with your CSS and view a realtime live demo of your changes as you type them.

Super swaggy DEVs & Beta testers (on god)

Change notification sounds to your chat to fit your website's vibe.

Hasty technical support, generally speaking. (I'm one guy)

Edit & Delete your sent messages

Chat Anonymously! Seriously, we collect 0 data on anonymous accounts and no IP tracking for any account. Though this would be a horrible platform for partaking in illicit activities. So like, don't do that here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:Can I delete a message?

A:Yes, if you're the chat owner or moderator right click the message you want to delete and select 'delete'. Note you can also delete your own messages if it is sent from your account.

Q:My chat no longer exists or has been deleted?

A:Chats that contain no messages are automatically deleted after some time, so please don't delete every message in your chat. Or if you do, send a message so it's not empty. These can not be undone, but you can reuse a chat ID if it has been previously deleted.

Q:I lost my chat link and/or my chat ID

A:If you're using the account that created the chat, you can visit your dashboard to view and moderate the chats you've created.

Q:Can I remove or alter the "Chattable" logo/banner at the top of my chat?

A:Absolutely. If the banner does not fit your website's aesthetic or for whatever purpose it may be, you can access & modify this banner using #top_banner in your CSS. To delete the banner entirely, simply declare display: none; on this element.

Still have a question?

Need more help? You can also ask anything on our sub-reddit, r/ChattableDevs