Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:Can I delete a message?

A:Yes, right click the message you want to delete (if you're the chat owner or moderator), although any user can delete their own messages by right clicking them.

Q:My chat no longer exists or has been deleted?

A:Chats that contain no messages are automatically deleted, so don't delete every message in your chat. Also, chats that have no activity for over a year can be deleted manually by Chattable at our discretion. These can not be undone, but you can reuse your chad ID if it has been previously deleted.

Q:I lost my chat link and/or my chat ID

A:You can view all the chats you've created from your Dashboard.

Q:Can I remove or alter the "Chattable" logo/banner at the top of my chat?

A:Absolutely. If the banner does not fit your website's aesthetic or for whatever purpose it may be, you can access & modify this banner using #top_banner in your CSS. To delete the banner entirely, simply declare display: none; on this element.

Q:Can we upload pics/vids to our chat?

A:Yes. HTML is supported in chat messages (excluding tags that could potentially break the chat) So you can embed <video> and <img> tags as long as you are hosting your video/image file somewhere!

Q:Why can't I use a custom font/resource from my website?

A:Free Neocities accounts are unable to be hotlinked, so chattable can't access most of your resources. You would need to host your font/resource elsewhere and link it to your site or upgrade to a supporter account. There are plenty of free file hosting websites out there!

Q:Can I use markdown in my chat?

A:Unfortunately not, markdown is annoying to implement in JS & HTML, but we do allow HTML to be used in messages. Several elements are blacklisted from being rendered inside messages to prevent trolls in your chat, like <script>, <style>, <iframe>, and others... But you can use common elements like <i>, <b>, <a>, <s>, <u>, <code>, and so much more!

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