Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. Definition
    1. Chattable is a free, embeddable, live chat designed for your Neocities website.
      1. A Neocities website is any website that is being hosted by http://neocities.org/
    2. A Chattable interface refers to a live chat that is provided through our services.
  2. Services
    1. This tool allows you to have full reign over the CSS stylesheet for any of the Chattable interfaces assigned to your account. We provide a bare-bones stylesheet in the event that you decide not to style it.
    2. This tool allows your site visitors to chat amongst you and other visitors nearly instantly with no backend knowledge required. Basic HTML & CSS knowledge is highly recommended.
    3. This tool reserves the owner of each Chattable interface the right to promote & demote users to a Moderator status for their chat. Moderators are given some unique permissions that allow them to assist the owner in moderating their chat.
    4. Our system will assist in account recovery to those who have signed up via email through a password reset link sent to their registered email.
  3. Privacy Policy
    1. Chattable collects some data when you sign up for your own chat. This data includes your email address, a password, and a display name. This data is securely stored with Google Firebase and will not be traded, sold, or otherwise transferred to any third party without your consent.
    2. Other data that is collected while interacting with any Chattable interface includes, the content of your message and the local time. Chattable does not collect IP addresses, personal information or any personally identifiable info (personal data outside of what you explicitly provide us), or any files on your device (unless you call for a CSS file that is stored on your device)
    3. Chattable stores cookies on your browser with account infomation such as your login info, display name, and a user identification number to better convenience your experience with Chattable. By accepting theses terms or using this service, you agree to the storage of these cookies.
  4. Terms of Use
    1. Users should not engage in harassment towards other users of Chattable. It is the responsibility of the moderators of each chat created to uphold this rule within their respective Chattable interfaces.
    2. When creating a chat, if you are anticipating foul language to be used within your Chattable interface then you must mark it 18+
    3. Executing modified versions of Chattable is prohibited. I would like to remind everyone that this is being programmed by ONE person as a side hobby. Attempts to deploy malicious attacks towards Chattable will lead to the termination of this project.
    4. Transferring sensitive data via Chattable is prohibited.
    5. Chattable is designed for Neocities websites. Support will be provided to users hosting Chattable on Neocities as long as Chattable remains online & functional. Though Chattable may work on other hosting services, it was designed around the features & principles of Neocities. Customer support is not guaranteed for devs hosting Chattable on hosting services other than Neocities.
  5. Other Legal
    1. The Chattable team reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without prior notice.
    2. The Chattable team reserves the right to read, modify, and delete any data stored on our database. Including account data, message data, and other chat data. (This is mainly so we can delete inactive chats & accounts and also reserving the right to delete the whole site if needed)
    3. By completing the sign up form you are agreeing that you can both read & understand these terms and you agree that you will abide these terms & conditions to your best ability.